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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Marketing’s assignment was and is: be top of mind and create the most favourable position in the mind of your customer. This leads to leads and a bigger share of wallet. The role of marketing grows in importance due to digitalisation. Presently, every marketing team faces a lot more challenges and demands.

We all know the marketing mix. Referro has a keen eye for the marketing competencies mix. The success of your marketing and sales efforts depends on how you have grown your marketing competencies to meet todays demands. A large part of our job is to complement the competencies of our clients. To reach the goals set by our customers we work with strict planning and processes. We try to better ourselves every year. Pushing the limits every day!

What is the Marketing Machine?

Having the right resources is one. Using them right is just as essential. Todays digital possibilities are endless. We gather loads of information. And through a data driven process we offer people a personal digital experience. The boundaries between marketing and sales diminish. We use smart software as marketing automation, CRM and business intelligence tools. We are accountable. The number of different marketing disciplines grows. A danger looms here. The danger of sub optimization. That is why we use the metaphor of the marketing machine. After all, if the machine misses one essential part it is out of tune and it will not run.

Quick communication, clear and flexible.

We do not like unnecessary complexity. Successful B2B marketing is made up of three demands:

  1. A relevant and differentiating proposition (brand)
  2. The right connection with target groups based on customer insights (market)
  3. Efficient and effective communication with the target groups (profit)
Referro: Modus Operandi

From brand, to market, to profit.

From brand, to market, to profit, the three stages of our modus operandi. Or from a strong brand proposition, to connection with all stakeholders, to the activation of these people resulting in trade. We guarantee that the marketing machine we build for you, contains the right parts and that these parts are so well tuned that the whole is more than the sum of it parts. We keep using the ‘old’ and traditional means like direct mail and telemarketing and combine these with online marketing communication. We proof their value every day as part of the most powerful marketing mix.

Whether or not using all the steps from A to Z depends on the starting situation. We can do it all or parts of it. We use a toolbox filled with models and methods to answer most marketing questions. These tools were developed within BBN and we keep them up to date with all our partners abroad.

Inspiring case studies.

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