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Marketing Compliance & Data Security.

For creative and result driven marketeers compliancy might not be their favorite subject. It is often perceived as annoying to continuously account for what may and what may not. Do you recognize this? Time for a wake up call? Telecommunication laws, personal information protection laws, data leaks laws and the GDPR. We all know nowadays a part of opt in and opt out (subscription) regulations, cookie laws, et cetera. But the GDPR includes even more new rights of European citizens. The extensive and ever changing laws and regulations, industry specific guidelines and codes lifted this discipline into a vital competence.

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one.

We are able to...

  • Execute marketing compliant campaigns;
  • Deliver a template of an editorial agreement;
  • Deliver a template of a sub-editorial agreement;
  • Consult;
  • Arrange security for your database;
  • Arrange back up methods;
  • Set up and/or assist with setting up a permission structure for your database;
  • Provide a practical translation of law and regulations;
  • Enrich data (for instance, opt in) fully according to law and regulations;

Privacy guarantee & DDMA

Referro is a member of DDMA and is allowed to use the privacy guarantee. You can trust in that we will carefully handle personal data of customers and prospects during marketing activities. At the same time we will always close an editorial agreement with which we meet correctly our legal obligation.

What is compliancy and data security?

Thinking that you only need to cope with this in B2C marketing is a misunderstanding. Also in B2B marketing you need to cope with data that can be classified as personal data and thus with the General Data Protection Regulation. How do you avoid and cope with data leaks? What do I need to do to meet the GDPR as of May 25th 2018? How do I secure my data? What do I need to arrange organizationally and in work processes? How do I get insight in the differences internationally? How do I avoid fines? But also, how can I be successful with compliancy?

Nevertheless: every man to his own trade! We are no lawyers and we will always advise you to take legal advise. We focus on the practical translation and how you deal with this in the marketing discipline.

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one.
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