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Advertising on smart media

Buy the attention of the target audience

As a result of the increasing level of digitalisation in society, budget move from traditional to new media. Advertising and retargeting on platforms like LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads offer a lot of new possibilities. Every organisation has a challenge in this area. Do you want to reach a wide audience or specific targeting? Is your objective increasing brand awareness or generating leads? The combination with digital offers the possibility to draw recurring attention from the audience through retargeting. Even with billboards alongside the highway.



Build smart campaign

Where outside meets inside, Ubbink makes the connection. Together with construction professionals we take care of an energy efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe houses meeting the highest quality requirements. We do that with smart innovative products, but most of all by being the partner of these construction professionals.

Smart advertising

Combine online advertising with offline

The combination of offline and online has increased enormously when smartphones find their way into society. Even offline billboards can cause mobile geo-targeting online ads to be shown. And with programmatic advertising we can offer the right ad to the right person at the right time, programmatically. It’s starting to look like artificial intelligence. By using smart media you can buy attention for your target audience effectively with small budgets. LinkedIn Ads allows you to target geographically, company based and title based. Google Ads lets you target specific search keywords in search engines and even there all types of criteria will result in a budget spent as efficient as possible.

And if the audience has engaged with your ad, retargeting will cause recurring attention. Even combined with email marketing. Imagine that a recipient of your email has opened one and receives an ad related to the email when visiting a news website. The sum of parts is more than the individual channels: the power is in the combination.

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