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B2B campaign with impact

Connect through a creative B2B campaign

A creative B2B campaign helps lead generation and lead nurturing to kickstart and increase awareness. In order to clarify what you are doing and that you are doing things right to the target audience, you cannot communicate dry strategy. By putting in emotion and creativity we make sure your message connects to the target audience, both on a product or brand level. We support in marketing the products or services and reaching the target audience through a creative campaign concept. This concept will be the umbrella of all campaign assets in a way the full customer journey has the same interactive experience.

It was never so big

The Big Long Idea in a B2B campaign

We translate your B2B marketing strategy preferably with a Big Long Idea. This is the umbrella to attach all messaging to, you can see it as the campaign concept XL. It makes sure that all communications and messaging tell the same story, have the same appearance and connect to the target audience. It is big because it needs to cover a multichannel approach and it is long because it needs to endure over the full customer journey. The idea is amplified into campaign content.

The idea needs to strike the right chord by giving customers and prospects something they can identify themselves with and they can recall over time. We create and develop content for every stage of the buyer’s journey. From videos to whitepapers and from infographics to advertisements. We write emails and invent the ideal lead nurturing email flow to cause engagement. Our advertisements and marketing offer the brand and product energy, weight and makes it all vivid. Content marketing is an ideal mean to build lead engagement and remain top of mind.

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