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The customer journey mapped out

B2B customer journey

The customer journey describes the full journey a potential buyer travels to convert into a loyal customer – and even beyond. The theory entails a few phases inside this journey that allow marketers to play a role in. In general these phases are distinguished: awareness, interest, evaluation and purchase. Each type of persona takes a different journey towards the purchase: the persona marketer is different from the persona buyer. And yet both personas can be a part of your target audience. Start with exploring the buyer persona’s.

Who are your customers and where to find them?

Buyer persona's in the customer journey

The buyer persona is a simplified view of a potential buyer. In most cases different buyer persona’s are created for different job roles. You can also choose to create more specific personas. Our recommendation is always to put it in a roadmap and work towards more specification step by step. Starting with 20 different personas is never a good idea.

In a buyer persona you describe the behavior and goals of the potential buyer by crawling into their skin. You can set up your personas through interviews, polls and desk research. Also include internal knowledge from sales or customer support. Gather different angles on the target audience to get a complete overview and not just a gut feeling.

Finally complement the personas with channels of communication and how they are going to do research on your product or service themselves. This can include social media platforms but also industry-specific blog portals. These channels indicate how the persona consumes media and we can use that in launching a campaign.

Challenges, desires, fears and limitations

The buyer's journey

The buyer’s journey describes the process of awareness to purchase. Every phase holds the thoughts, feelings, challenges and desires of the persona at that point. In the awareness phase you focus more on challenges and desires. In the interest phase you need to wake the buyer’s interest. In the learn and evaluation phase you zoom in on the solution and you counter every last obstacle there is in the last phase. Most important: give them reasons to buy. Although it might seem quite easy, we found that in most companies this is a very difficult task to complete. The better the persona is, the better chance of success a campaign has. We recommend all our customers to work together on your personas and journeys over a few workshops.

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