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Online advertising on smart media

Buy attention through online advertising

The increasing digitalization in society cause a shift in marketing budgets, skewing more from traditional media towards modern media. Online advertising on platforms like LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads offer a lot of possibilities. Every organization has a challenge in this area. Do you want to advertise to a broad audience or a very specific group of companies? Do you need an increase in brand awareness or do you want to generate leads through these ads? Retargeting lets you pull visitors back to your websites if they have already visited it before. Even through billboards… A whole new world of advertising arised.

Paid search visitors

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is simply advertising in a search engine. Your ad will appear among the search results. Especially when your organic search ranking lacks impressions, you can buy impressions. In most cases it could turn out quite expensive, but using this in a smart way could also give you a competitive advantage. Lastly the question is if the traffic you are reaching is the right traffic – you can’t steer on who will see your ad, only when. Nonetheless, Search Engine Advertising through Google Ads is a smart way of pulling traffic towards your web site. So it’s okay to outsource this.

LinkedIn Ads

Social media advertising

A lot of different social media platforms offer you a place to run ads on. LinkedIn is for B2B very important, because LinkedIn allows you to filter the target audience on characteristics like job titles, industry or companies. Other social media platforms are mostly used for remarketing efforts. Being part of your channel mix, LinkedIn Ads has a lot of advantages to offer.

Spend budget efficiently

Programmatic online advertising

Programmatic advertising is in The Netherlands relatively unknown. Yet we advise our customers about the use of it and include it in our campaign mixes. With programmatic advertising various datasources are combined to 1) select the right target audience and 2) bid automatically in an optimized way across different ad networks. The algorithm learns from past biddings and optimizes budgets across ads based on the performance of running ads, you will see a very low CPM in a very short period of time!

Offline advertising?

Digital Out Of Home advertising

Billboards, bus shelters, train stations and also think about Times Square in New York. (Digital) Out of Home advertising still is relevant. Combining this with online offers you great exposure that can lead to your brand and message being top of mind. There are even tools that integrate online and offline literally with geo-mobile targeting or QR codes that the audience can scan with their smartphones. Numerous possibilities but it really comes to live when you know what to use and what not: we will always strive for the most optimal media mix possible.

Marketing killed the media agency

One-stop-shop for online advertising

We are not a traditional media agency. Moreover, we started off as a marketing communications agency. We do see that media takes over a more critical position in the marketing landscape, especially in digital marketing. Marketers used to be in contact with various partners, nowadays we combine this and make it easy for them. The power of the campaign is in unity. With every end tight to the other, an integrated whole and a full forced buying experience arises. You can see us as a one-stop-shop for all your marketing activities.

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