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Higher rankings (SEO), better conversion

SEO & Webdesign

The website is a critical tool in marketing, the execution of search engine optimization is a no brainer. The most important interaction with your company happens on the Internet. Your audience gets the first impression of your company and the dialogue starts. Before visitors can find you, you must optimize your website for search engines (SEO). The better your organic search rankings are, the more traffic comes to your website.

Organic search traffic

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a consequence of the rise of search engines a few decades ago. These search engines use algorithms to calculate the probability the page can answer the visitors question. This algorithm developed, expanded and got better and better. However old SEO laws still apply.

  • Authority – did your website build up authority across the World Wide Web? Refer other websites to yours?
  • Relevance – is the keyword present on your website replenished by a possible answer?
  • Technique – is the source of the web page readible for the algorithm and does it follow a certain structure?

To improve your SEO rankings, we tinker on these three pillars. Pushing your scores up takes time, but with the right tweaks we’ll make it work.

Renew or improve

A “new” SEO proof web site

“We need a new website” – a question that was rised frequently during our video calls. We always jump in on that: are you sure? You can also opt for smaller optimization steps. The fundament remains the same, but step by step we work towards a better version of the same website. Building a new website is a costly and time intense projects that could take months. Quick wins are quickly implemented. Page by page optimizations are also quickly implemented. Off course we come across customers that really need a whole new website, so if we think that is what you need, we will certainly inform you.

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