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Get in contact through telesales

Telesales is, like marketing communications, in our roots. Once we started as a customer care agency conducting customer satisfaction researches for our customers. At the time demand for lead generation through telephone rised and that is why we developed into a telesales agency. The most effective is an integrated approach: combining marketing automation with telesales. We start calling when we see sufficient engagement online. Cold acquisition is not useful: you need something to get inside your audience’s minds. Push became pull and we focus on giving the last push.

Traditional medium in a digitalized world

How to use telesales effectively?

Nowadays online is one of the most important channels. Laws and regulations are restricting telesales even further. That is why it is critical to use this channel in a smart way: when it is legally permitted and when it has the highest chance of a good ROI. From a lead scoring model we put our agents to work. If the lead score threshold is reached, they pick up the phone. Conversion ratios are sky high. Compared to cold acquisition (usual conversion of approximately 3% – depending on industry, brand and messaging), conversion can quintuple. An important condition is that all should match: you can really offer something to the target audience. Then our agents only have to strike the right chord. And they can.

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