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Concentrated and targeted

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy where all parts are focused on a predetermined list of companies. This can include tens of companies, but also just one. Messaging will be hyperpersonalized based on characteristics and desires these companies and their DMU have. The advantage of ABM is that you know upfront which companies you are going to target. This allows you to be very specific in doing research. However, always keep in mind that you can only make one first impression. It is not like that you get a second chance. Nonetheless this approach allows you to build up a strong connection online, because you know who you are communicating with.

Outbound marketing no more

Long live Account Based Marketing

It might seem that outbound marketing does not exist anymore. Yet that is not entirely true. You still have to initiate activities and try to find the target audience, only in a smarter and cost effective way. Always keep in mind that the stretch of the audience is limited. Within Account Based Marketing you can choose for ABM-to-One, ABM-to-Few or ABM-to-Many. The broader, the less personalized and the more generalized, nonetheless it still enforces you to map out the target audience better.

The ideal mix between goals

Account Based Marketing goals

The approach that follows from an Account Based Marketing strategy requires both marketing goals. The ABM funnel includes brand awareness and lead generation. Start building up brand awareness. After that you can start converting leads. It happens far to often that the thought lives that brand awareness can be build up over a few weeks. But that is not realistic. The advantage of taking the time is that the brand awareness that is built up, is very durable. Once a good position is conquered, you can benefit from this on the long term.


B2B marketing expertises

With the execution of a campaign we make sure all expertises are teamed up to get your message to reach your target audience. Below you find an overview of all expertises we have to offer. You can see us as a one-stop-shop, contractor or your full service marketing partner.

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