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Establish impact with demand generation

Demand Generation

Demand generation means literally the generation of demand for a product or service. It includes that arousal around the offering is created with the help of a marketing campaign. Through smart tools the right target audience is reached and attractive messages and content is spread. All with the same goal: initiate demand for the product or service. The advantage of demand generation is that this often leads to longterm relationships with customers. You can calculate your ROI if a lead is already convinced about your offering, before your sales colleagues have spent a single second of their time.

Push is now pull

Demand generation with inbound marketing

Do you still remember? Back in the days, when account managers drove expensive lease cars, visited every industrial area they could find and knocked on every door. And later on, when the telephone was found to be a lucrative mean. It may feel like centuries ago. With the rise of the World Wide Web the world and marketing radically changed. Google offered prospects the ability to search to a solution for themselves. No longer sales needed to sell, marketing needed to let the products be purchased.

Outbound marketing was replaced with inbound marketing and entails prospects converting to sales leads by themselves. The probability to close the deal even increased, because the threshold sales entered the conversation shifted towards the end of the buying cycle.

The ideal mix between goals

Brand awareness and lead generation

Demand generation entails all marketing objectives. Brand awareness and lead generation both take their part in the demand generation funnel. First build up brand awareness, then convert the leads. An often made mistake is that brand awareness is build up within a few weeks and then leads can be generated. But that is wrong. Increasing brand awareness is a time intense challenge that puts sales’ patience really to the test. But mind this: after this time, you have build up a longterm brand awareness that you can benefit from for a long period. Than your lead generation campaigns will truly deliver.


B2B marketing expertises

With the execution of a campaign we make sure all expertises are teamed up to get your message to reach your target audience. Below you find an overview of all expertises we have to offer. You can see us as a one-stop-shop, contractor or your full service marketing partner.

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