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International B2B marketing agency

An international marketing agency that thinks and acts as one? It’s not easy to find – especially if you need a wealth of B2B experience, in every theatre of the world. BBN was formed to make it happen. Unlike traditional global agency networks, we are individually experienced and openly collaborative.

We’ve ironed out bureaucracy and complexity. Across every country and every city, we share the same (bespoke) BBN tools and processes. This results in real-time collaboration for clients with international activities across every discipline from B2B marketing and advertising, to digital, media, research and PR. Expand your team with more than 1.200 specialists. We are BBN The Netherlands.

countries covered
offices operational
B2B specialists
millions of euros revenue
A proven methodology

BBN Navigator

The world’s only, truly integrated B2B marketing toolset. It allows BBN to guide marketers through all challenges of B2B marketing. branding to be more relevant, creative to leave an indelible impression and MarTech to be more present. With this we know that we meet both national and international requirements. It sums up to be your strong international B2B marketing agency. Working together with BBN elevates you to a company of world class.

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BBN Factsheet

A cast-iron team with the world as its canvas. That is BBN. As the Dutch branch of this alliance we are extremely proud on the power we have together. We’ve put together a few facts and figures to show you this.

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