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Eneco Business

Generating leads successfully

Eneco is one of the largest energy suppliers in The Netherlands. They distinguish their brand by positioning in the green and durable segment. With products and services like HollandseWind® met Milieukeur, ZonOpDak, ZonnigLaden and BioStroom Eneco tops the energy transition. No grey but only green power! Eneco Business supports companies in their energy transition process and consults and supports their customers to do this inmaculately.


Since 2018 (or 2010)


Content marketing
Generating leads


Over a decade we build a database mapping out the full Dutch market of large businesses for energy supply commissioned by E.ON Benelux. After E.ON was acquired by Eneco, they received ownership of the database. More than 250.000 companies are mapped (mainly large businesses) and with thousands of call back appointments ahead, Eneco asked us to put the machine back on as fast as we could. In a few weeks time we were up to speed again and now generating leads for Eneco.


The database that was previously owned by E.ON already existed, the CRM software was still running and the call back appointments were planned. The only thing we needed to do is adapt to the Eneco brand and pick up the telephone again.

Over time – apart from electricity and gas contracts – we also started to use the database to reach out for durable products, like solar panels and charging stations. SuiteCRM became the sweetspot of multiple departments within Eneco Business.

We use lead generation by phone and Eloqua (marketing automation) to generate leads in a smart way.

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