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Lead generation for a new product

Fellowes is a global producer and supplier of office machines, solutions for archiving and storage and office accessoires. Fellowes offers a growing amount of brands and products, all meeting strict quality standards and innovation in the office, at home and on the road.


B2B campaign
Brand awareness
Content strategy
Marketing Automation


In 2015 Mike Booth, global marketing manager AeraMax Pro, reached out to us. He was looking for an agency that was able to help him on a regional and international scale when launching a new product range of air refreshing equipment to elevate air quality in offices. His demands to the agency: think from personas and journeys, have experience when it comes to product launches and working with startups, experience with marketing automation, be creative and digitally educated. After the pitch between a few agencies, he decided to work with us.


In order to introduce the Fellowes AeraMax Pro solution, we invented the “shadow monster”. This monster is a metaphor for the risks of polluted air within buildings and was aiming to create awareness of the problems with the target audience. This was needed because as long as one is not aware of the problem, they will not be looking for a solution. We send out a creative Direct Mail – the Monster Protection Kit – let the target audience meet the approach by Fellowes.

With a microsite, various email campaigns, bannering, ads, press releases and some content pieces, we generated leads. And if that wasn’t enough: the MQLs that were not converting to SQLs by itself, we put our agents to work and try to give them the last push by having a dialogue over the phone.

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