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Multichannel campaign in an ancient industry

An international family business with electrical engineering at its core, founded in 1955 by two brothers Hermann and Oswald Hager. Primary objective was – and still is – the development of technical solutions that enable engineering professionals to do a better job. The customer and end-user are centralized in all Hager does for more than 65 years. By now the organization has over 11.500 employees and 24 production sites all over the world.


B2B campaign
Brand awareness
Content strategy
Marketing Automation
SEO & Webdesign


Come up with a creative campaign concept that allows us to communicatie the benefits of KNX Easy – a easy-to-install home automation solution – clearly to the target audience: engineering professionals in The Netherlands. Hager provides Dutch engineers with high quality products for decades now. But since this happens through wholesale, there is not much direct contact between Hager and the engineers. This have to change.


We invented the Connect the dots concept for KNX Easy. All daily elements of the life of an engineer are visualized as dashes connecting dots. It shows the convenience of installing elektrical installations with KNX Easy. Through a multichannel campaign for new KNX home automation solutions, we started communicating with the target audience. An extensive step by step plan was roled out. A mail and banner campaign with download possiblities for e.g. a trend report, whitepapers, case studies, order brochures and videos with specialists forms the foundation of this campaign.

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