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De Mandemakers Groep - Keuken Kampioen

Email marketing in the higher B2C segment

The Mandemakers Groep (or DMG) is a Dutch company active in the sale and installation of kitchens, bathrooms and furniture with various formulas in several countries. Keuken Kampioen is one of these formulas, one of the larger ones, with more than 50 branches in different countries.


Content strategy
Lead generation
Marketing Automation


DMG asked us to help map the buyer’s journey to convert leads into appointments in the store, at home or via video. They wanted to do this online because the reach via telephone is becoming smaller and smaller, therefore, the telephone is an increasingly expensive channel. DMG generates leads via three “seducers”: the budget planner (to draw up budget estimates), the 3D designer tool (to design your own kitchen in 3D) and requesting a magazine (inspiration magazine with trends and imagery).


Data from various DMG data sources has been used to increase the success rate. Insights were gathered using various tools to create the foundations – such as Portrait, BlueConic, Qlikview, Google Analytics and Facebook. Based on behaviour, the personalized campaign sends information about the right themes at the right time. For example, once you click on a country kitchen, you will receive additional information about country kitchens, completely in the style of this category. The journey of each seducer was mapped out and each seducer was given its own place in the process of converting leads into SQLs.

The results are included in a dashboard and based on this, monthly optimizations are made. Ultimately, the results have more than doubled through the use of this e-mail campaign.

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