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ESE International

Product introduction in facilities

ESE International is a full service provider in safety goods for every industry, e.g. evacuation, company emergency response, first aid and personal protective equipment. Through their knowledge of current and potential markets, they are able to provide you with a professional solution. They produce bandages (Quick), first aid kits, backpacks, emergency response cabinets, work clothes all by themselves, and they have exclusive importer’s rights on Plum and the Evac+Chair. It allows them to offer high quality and the right price.


B2B campaign
Lead generation
SEO & Webdesign


Their initial request was to introduce the first aid kit Resc-Q-Assist with the target audience. In a high competitive market, distinctive power is critical to make sure the decision is made based on quality of the new first aid kit and not just the cheapest price.


In our ‘Shocking images’ campaign we used the revolutionary turntable in the Resc-Q-Assist box as a unique selling point. When under pressure of an emergency, the turntable allows the user to quickly find the right articles inside the kit. Decision makers were triggered with emails, a video, testimonials and telesales to adapt to the perspective of the company emergency responder that was quickly rushed into a calamity. At that time every second counts…

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