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Virtual Vaults

Launch across the border

With more than 20 years of experience in data rooms and software development, Virtual Vaults is the market leader as Virtual Data Room provider in the Benelux. It is a fast growing tech company with a strong focus on personal support. The way Virtual Vaults communicate sets them apart from the competition, they are fresh, personal and accessible to everyone.


B2B campaign
Brand awareness
Lead generation
Online Advertising
SEO & Webdesign


Virtual Vaults now focuses on the Mergers & Acquisitions market in the Benelux. This same level of trust and brand awareness must be built in the UK. Virtual Vaults is unknown in the UK. Virtual Vaults has asked Referro to help with this. Create brand awareness and do this in a creative way.


After a phase of research (interviews, competition analysis and desk research), a creative campaign concept (“It’s not our Vault”) was developed to bring Virtual Vaults to the attention of the target group in an inventive and unique way. In order to create as much awareness as possible on a targeted group of companies and contacts (ABM), in the shortest possible time, various channels were used. In addition to offline techniques such as billboards and PR, mobile display (geotracking), account based advertising, retargeting, and Google and LinkedIn advertisements were also used. The result is a successful introduction of Virtual Vaults in the UK, thanks to a solid number of impressions. The first conversations with sales have started.

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