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Social supply chains in retail

Yellowstar makes supply chains both inbound as outbound fully predictable and transparent. They create software solutions for intermodal transport management systems, dynamic planning boards, terminal operating systems and customer- or carrier portals. Employees and chain partners are in full control through the software. They can create their own dashboards independently. From uploading orders and documents to operational time schedules and much more. Through real time eyes on the chain every link can steer and adjust proactively. The result proofs more efficiency, better service, less waste and lower costs.




Advertising & Retargeting
Content marketing
Increasing awareness


Yellowstar asked us to approach the retail industry specifically with content marketing based on the challenges and needs of the target audience. This content should then be provided to the audience to guide them through their buyer’s journey.


We’ve mapped out the ideal customer profile (ICP), consisting of logistic representatives in the retail industry and started a targeted email campaign. This campaign guided prospects through the first stages of the buyer’s journey with inspirational and educational content.

The campaign led to an increase in brand awareness and knowledge within the target audience.

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