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Content strategy for supply chain IT

Yellowstar connects and optimizes logistics chains and makes them completely predictable. They offer companies real-time insight into these supply chains over existing systems. Yellowstar distinguishes itself in the fact that they really oversee the entire chain. Thanks to real-time insight into the chain, each link can always proactively steer and adjust. Everyone’s job becomes more fun and attractive.

In addition, with the help of the most modern internet technology it is possible to connect people and make systems ‘social’. Departments, suppliers, customers and their customers can work together seamlessly. The result for the customer: proven greater efficiency, better service, less waste and lower costs.


B2B campaign
Brand awareness
Content strategy
Marketing Automation


Yellowstar came with the request to approach various branches nationally and internationally (including retail and logistics) with specific content written for the different target groups/personas. We then offered this content for Yellowstar to the target groups in a structural manner. Referro has helped Yellowstar with this by running various campaigns.

An example of this is that Yellowstar wanted to further strengthen the relationship with the logistics manager. Show that they know where the logistics professionals see bears on the road, or what they urgently need. Yellowstar’s social supply chain solutions respond perfectly to these issues.


After mapping out a profile on the basis of, among other things, persona workshops, it was possible to start with targeted e-mail campaigns, in which prospects were guided through the first phases of the buyer’s journey with inspiring and smart content.

In the example case of the logistics managers, an e-mail campaign with a download option for an extensive trend report was the basis of the campaign. In addition, an additional white paper and infographics were used. As a nice extra, later in the same campaign, we surprised all logistics managers with three nicely illustrated ‘hero in socks’ postcards. This DM promotion ended with a nice gift: real yellow Happy Socks. In this way we still put a smile on the face of the much too busy logistics manager.

Another example of our work for Yellowstar was about measuring digital supply chain responsibility.

We also tested the digital chain responsibility of Yellowstar’s target groups. Where do you stand in supply chain developments as an organization? With a few emails we asked them to participate in a small survey. They received the outcome of the survey directly in their mailbox with also access to the white paper “On trends in logistics and the importance of innovation for 3 and 4 PLs”. Many people completed the survey and came into contact with Yellowstar as a result of this campaign.

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