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Referro introduces: The Data Engineer

In my blog series I highlight new functions in modern marketing. This time: The Data Engineer. A technical person with a love for numbers, but more importantly, an analyst who knows the ropes in the relevant branches. A person that knows when to press which button. It’s not a trick. It requires in-depth insight into the market and the decision-making processes. Because each case is different, the Data Engineer has to be involved in the development of a marketing campaign at an early stage and will continue to be involved throughout the process.

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Referro introduces: The Marketing Architect

Building without a plan

In my series of blogs about modern day marketing positions I want to tell you about the marketing architect. Why an architect? What are we building and what does architecture have in common with marketing? A lot, I can assure you. Only instead of a house we’ll be building a marketing machine. Before we start however, a few things need to be straightened out: Of what parts does the machine exist? What experts do we need? In what order do we build? What’s the planning? We need a blueprint, because without a plan there will be no machine.

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