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Creating chemistry with Business Cloud Alignment

Carl Derks

Case - Proact

About Proact

Proact is Europes largest data center solution provider and cloud specialist. With over 800 employees in 15 countries it is her primary goal to decrease costs and operational risks and innovate for their customers. Proact has provided solutions and services to over 4000 customers.

1. The motivation

In the autumn of 2015, the business relationship between Proact and Referro has started. Jeroen Hendriks, group head of marketing of Proact has a clear vision: Proact wants to work toward a marketing ecosystem, operating throughout buyer persona’s and buyer’s journeys and a clear contact strategy per persona per proposition in so called programs. Referro provided a structural step-by-step approach with C-Map, System Setup, Dataquality, Datamodeling, Form normalization, Profile management, Social integration, Reporting and Campaign management. An important goal was centralized: getting a clear view of the content attributed revenue. What revenue does one content piece gain for the company?


2. The preparation

The first assignment for Referro was the most logical. After a workshop to get to know Proact, we started conducting research. Referro took dozens of interviews with Proact’s personas to portray the profile and journey. Referro organized workshops with multiple stakeholders in order to confirm this profile. And finally we spoke extensively with Proact’s sales team to find connection and ultimately secure a good hand.

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