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Persona & buyer’s journey workshop @ Proact

Carl Derks

Last month Referro conducted a workshop at Proact in Utrecht. An entire day of hard work with Proact’s marketing and sales professionals regarding their Security Services product.

Goal of the day was to plot a complete buyer’s journey in which we paid attention to both emotional and rational factors. With the help of our approved influencer model we defined the DMU and people who influence their decisions. All relevant personas and their essential barriers and questions were charted. This will really help us when we start content production.

It was a fruitful day. We even managed a brief brainstorm session about creative ideas we could use when bringing Proact’s Security Services. In short: it was rewarding, very interactive and inspirational, but above all great fun. A good sales and marketing integrated session. Thanks to all present.

Interested in our approach? Contact our specialists Monique Bijnen or Carl Derks.

Carl Derks
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