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Referro helps Philips with specialists.

Gerard van den Bogaart

Case - Philips

About Philips Digital Services

Philips Digital Services is a facilitating service part within Philips. DS is the global provider of all Philips’ digital services. Through this part all websites, social media platforms, marketing automation tools, outgoing digital communication, et cetera configured and guarded. All countries, internal departments, suppliers and partners must collaborate with DS for any form of digital communication.

1. Motivation

Referro received a request from DS in 2014 to help them with several tasks. They were looking for improval of their technical process in the area of IP warming, sender score, CRM configuration et cetera. Apart from that, they were looking for someone for the marketing automation process to help them with data selections, profile building, personas and journeys, contact strategy advice, use of content, product introductions, et cetera.

2. Preparation

Referro detaches regularly specialists at clients, full time or part time, for a short or long time. For this assignment Referro employs the right people and after some discussion, agreements were made and two specialists were detached for the duration of half a year.

3. Results

In the end, the duration of the agreement was extended through the success and the continuous projects. With the input of Referro, Philips joined various countries successfully with the right IP warming. This resulted in the preservering of a high sender score for all countries, which is being monitored on continuous dashboards. Since our collaboration, Philips has a broadcast manager, who is guarding the quality and quantity of outgoing emails 24/7. Our other specialist helped numerous countries with optimizing of their contact strategy per persona and a better set up of the content journey via various microsites. He contributed to the data selection process and gave guidance to the digital team of marketing automation Healthcare.


Case - Philips

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