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Referro introduces: The Marketing Architect

Gerard van den Bogaart

Building without a plan

In my series of blogs about modern day marketing positions I want to tell you about the marketing architect. Why an architect? What are we building and what does architecture have in common with marketing? A lot, I can assure you. Only instead of a house we’ll be building a marketing machine. Before we start however, a few things need to be straightened out: Of what parts does the machine exist? What experts do we need? In what order do we build? What’s the planning? We need a blueprint, because without a plan there will be no machine.

Building a bond

Different tasks are requested of the marketer constantly. It used to be someone organising demonstrations and booths at fairs. Later it became an advertisements manager and after that, as the wish to communicate one on one with the target audience became bigger, the direct marketer made his entry. Followed by the digital marketer. At this moment the marketing architect is climbing the stage.

In short we can desribe the marketing architect as a person with combined skills from all the before mentioned task descriptions. He or she investigates and makes a blueprint of the marketing machine needed. The marketing architect knows about the competition, determines unique selling points, crawls into the minds of the decision making units and is aware of the buyer’s journey of the prospects.

The blueprint consists of persona descriptions, a contact strategy, a content plan and the briefing for both creatives and technologists. It lays the foundation for the relation with the target audience.

Building a nest

The marketing architect has to be an allround marketer. His competences have to be crafted by experience. Like in nature; compare building a marketing machine to the building of a bird’s nest. A bird also becomes better and better at it during it’s life. Researcher Patrick Walsh of the University of Edinburgh describes it as a learning process. Birds don’t follow a genetically determined pattern resulting in a similar nest each time. According to Walsh, surroundings and circumstances result in a unique nest with different specifics. This results in the assumption that experience is of utmost importance.

The marketing architect is an experienced marketer who is able to write a long term marketing strategy and speaks the language of the client. His ability to communicate is used both internally and externally. He’s the agency’s ‘spider in the web’.

Building a web

The marketing architect has sufficient specialist knowledge to connects a wide array of people. It’s his job to look for the right experts in the right place at the right time. Making sure everyone has the same goal. He guards planning and budget and is responsible for end to end delivery in time. Thanks to the marketing architect your marketing machine runs smoothly.

Gerard Van Den Bogaart
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