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We are BBN The Netherlands.

An international marketing agency that thinks and acts as one? It’s not easy to find – especially if you need a wealth of B2B experience, in every theatre of the world. BBN was formed to make it happen. Unlike traditional global agency networks, we are individually experienced and openly collaborative. Everyone plays their role. We’ve ironed out bureaucracy and complexity. Across every country and every city, we share the same (bespoke) BBN tools and processes.

This results in real-time collaboration for clients with international activities across every discipline from B2B marketing and advertising, to digital, media, research and PR. So if you need to build a global presence with local relevance, talk to BBN – the B2B agency that’s more than the sum of its parts.

  • 30 countries
  • over 1.130 B2B experts
  • operating from 52 offices
  • in 23 different B2B industries
  • over 171 million euro revenue worldwide

Our approach.

In a world of fragmented alliances, BBN is united by stronger principles and methodologies. We collaborate daily, and a significant amount of our client work involves the active participation of more than one territory. To streamline that process, BBN committed at an early stage to creating world-class, best practice B2B marketing methodologies, processes and tools which have been adopted in all agency locations.

The BBN Navigator.

The result is BBN Navigator: the world’s only, truly integrated B2B marketing toolset. It allows BBN to guide marketers through all the challenges of B2B marketing from brand and contact strategy through to campaign delivery. And it helps us, internally, to deliver a tried, tested and definitive approach to local and international B2B marketing. That is what makes us one big international marketing agency.


Our Brand Asset Management (BAM) toolkit provides a proven, effective and highly collaborative approach to brand development and management.


Our Big Long Idea (BLI) process is part art, part science. It provides a concrete methodology for developing ideas that are simple, powerful, iconic and effective.


C-Map provides insight in how you can get in touch with your target group using various channels. B2B marketing with optimal effectivity.


Our International Account Management toolkit ensures a constant execution of proven Go-To-Market strategies to align with your audience even better.

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