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Lead generation.

B2B Lead generation. We do this for over 25 years and every year it gets slightly smarter. Let’s be honest, marketing and communications are not known for being exact sciences. Is it a cost item? Or a source of revenue? This discussion is in the meantime definitely decided in the advantage of marketeers, because we are able to quantify our contribution to business goals.

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one.

We are often asked to...

  • Set up outbound or inbound marketing;
  • Execute B2B telemarketing or telesales;
  • Set up lead nurturing of lead scoring;
  • Execute direct marketing;
  • Execute online leadgeneratie;
  • Set up international lead generation with help of BBN;
  • Improve or start your email marketing;
  • Improve or start your marketing automation;
  • Improve or set up Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEA).

This is how we did it for customers...

B2B lead generation today.

In our vision, products are rather bought than sold nowadays. Push becomes pull. Outbound becomes inbound. Nonetheless, we are stubborn and found a way to combine traditional tools as telemarketing and direct mailing smartly with online marketing supported by CRM and marketing automation. The most important KPI for most of the marketeers is the amount of qualified leads that is generated. A bluntly approach does not fit with the importance of this. Moreover, it messes up your market. We like to share our experience in this area, as we have very longterm relationships with customers specifically in this area. Whether you need to find a solid lead generation approach, improvement of your current process, or temporarily extra capacity, we love to prove you we can contribute to your business growth.

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one.
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