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Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation is a vital part in the process of online, digital and inbound marketing. Therefore marketing automation solutions in B2B have grown explosively recently. Inbound marketing becomes a target point in companies increasingly. The effectivity of inbound marketing grows explosively with marketing automation. Referro combines this cleverly with traditional outbound marketing, which boosts your lead generation. We show you where marketing automation fits in inbound marketing in this infographic. How and if you will be using this tool depends strongly on the phase of development of your marketing and sales organization.

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one.

We are often asked to...

  • Implement marketing automation;
  • Do Eloqua of SharpSpring consultancy;
  • Consult in general;
  • Execute marketing automation;
  • Increase lead conversion rates;
  • Set up a well thought contact strategy;
  • Arrange licenses (Eloqua en SharpSpring);
  • Improve digital and email marketing.
Marketing automation: Sharpspring en Eloqua

This is how we did it for customers...

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation can be defined as software that automatically converts a prospect into a lead. You role out various online campaigns and send out various emails on the one hand to increase engagement of prospects (lead nurturing) and on the other hand to enrich the prospects profile (lead profiling). This results together in a score (lead scoring). If the lead is ‘hot’ enough, this process has done its job and it is up to sales to close the deal. We take care of having a personalized dialogue with your target group.

What is inbound marketing and how does marketing automation fit in?
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