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Personas & Buyers Journey.

B2B marketing is more about the execution of intelligent tools like marketing automation nowadays. Nonetheless, the step to Modern Marketing includes more. It is still essential to offer your target group the right information at the right moment via the right channel. Both inbound and outbound. Thus, you need to know who your customer is and how his purchasing process goes. With the insights from the described buyer personas and buyers journeys we meet a critical condition for a successful marketing strategy.

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one.

We are often asked to...

  • Describe buyer personas;
  • Describe buyers journeys;
  • Create matching content;
  • Do market research;
  • Role out personalized campaigns;
  • Supplement sales funnels;
  • Create insights in customers and/or prospects;
  • Portray customer journeys;
  • Integrated described personas and journeys in marketing automation.

This is how we did it for customers...

What are personas and buyers journeys?

A buyer persona and buyers journey provides essential insights to start and maintain interaction with your target group. Without these insights, you are not able to make well thought decisions about your content strategy and choice of channels. It is that much critical in your marketing that it allows us to call it a specific competence. There are many ways to start with this. We would love to fill that in for you based on your needs and available information. Nonetheless, the goal will always be: to find connection with the interest and orientation profile of your prospect and based on that optimize the customer experience.

A personalized approach fits perfectly with inbound marketing.
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