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Workshop Personas & Buyer's Journeys

Every modern marketer knows that up-to-date insights in prospects is a synonym for B2B gold. Apparently, the transition toward marketing and sales of nowadays seems a hell of a job to actually know where to start. Therefore, we advice to start with filling in an illustration of your persona. These are fundamental to your buyer’s journey.

Get to know your target group
Bring marketing and sales together
Create better and more applicable content
Have a better dialogue with your target audience

Getting started with a template...

Personas and buyer’s journey templates are scattered all over the Internet. We’re not having to accomodate you with that. Although, we noticed that filling in a template is a battlefield. It seems a big filling in exercise for advanced people, where experience and research are very important. You need to crawl into your target audiences skin to see what they are at. These insights are key when illustrating the buyer’s journey. In order to know which means you need, you need to know where your prospects get their information from. In order to know which content you should create, you will use those challenges your persona is facing.

In short, the defining of personas brings you insights which allow you to nurture your target audience effectively. Our specialists can help you with that. During a special workshop we offer you guidance to nurture different prospect groups differently. The workshop is perfect for organisations who haven’t illustrated their target audience well enough, but also for organisations who want to test their existing personas. The outcome will be that everybody within specific departments of your organisation know exactly who you are selling to.

Win a free workshop Personas & Buyer's Journey!

This summer we will give away a FREE workshop! From all workshop requests we pull a winner randomly who will be presented with a free workshop.

What's in it for me?

After finishing the workshop project, you will have the following:

  • A buyer persona and a poster;
  • A full buyer’s journey;
  • A basis for your content strategy;
  • Marketing is able to create better and more applicable content;
  • Sales is able to have better dialogues!

Terms & conditions: By submitting this form you agree to these terms & conditions. This contest is open to everybody who submits the form with valid data. Every company is allowed to register themselves just once. This promotion ends on July 30th 2018. The winner will be drawn at random after August 6th. The prize is not exchangable, negotiable or expressible in terms of money. Winners will be informed after 6th of August 2018. Referro beholds the right to change the contest or terms & conditions without prior notice.

Request your Workshop Personas & Buyer's Journey!

And receive already the Workshop Kit (including templates of a buyer persona and buyer’s journey) to prepare yourself!

After submitting the form, one of our specialists will reach out to you. The winner will be drawn after the 6th of August and will receive a free workshop.

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