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Privacy statement.


Referro B2B Marketing (hereafter: “we”) processes personal details of her customers, prospects and other contacts. We do this to inform these groups of people about our solutions and to reach our objectives. In this privacy statement we explain why and how we process personal details. This policy is applicable for our website and all other marketing activities provided by Referro B2B Marketing.

We have appointed a voluntary Data Protection Officer (DPO). If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Jesper Mommers
+31 13 528 73 07

Who are we?

We are Referro: we advise, execute and implement (parts of) B2B marketing activities commissioned by our clients, both on a strategical, tactical or execution level. This privacy statement relates to all our processings – including third parties we cooperate with to inform you about our products and services.

Referro is located at Schijfstraat 24 (5061 KB) in Oisterwijk and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 18062130.

Which personal details do we process?

We process the following personal details:

Initials, first and last name, telephone number and/or mobile phone number, gender, (business) email address, job role, IP address, cookie ID and clicking and browsing behavior on

We do not process any special or sensitive personal details.

Why do we process personal details?

We process personal details based on the following foundations and objectives:

  1. Foundation: Necessary to execute an agreement.

Objective: Meet legal requirements.

Initials, first and last name are legally required to meet our tax liability (quotes, invoices).

2. Foundation: Justified marketing interest.

Objective 1: execute marketing (direct marketing, telemarketing, social media marketing) to reach our business objectives. We do this to inform the right person with the right information at the right time.

Our CRM system contains data of customers and prospects, which might be interesting for our services, along with the relevant contacts. We store various personal details of those contacts to be able to execute our services properly. We store personal details to reach you and we store your interest areas to inform you properly.

Apart from that we move along with our industry: that is why we acquire new customers, suppliers and new colleagues or partners. To keep in touch with each and everyone, we process their contact details and interest areas as well.

We process your personal details to enable you to reach us via, for instance, telephone, mail, email or social media.

We use “segmented target audiences” via social media platforms. We do this via Facebook, Twitter and via Linkedin targeting. Personalized ads can be shown on these platforms. We do not pass along any personal details to third parties, unless you gave your unambiguous consent.

If you don’t want to see our ads on these platforms, you can reach out to us using the contact details above. You can also unsubscribe you from retargeting and ads on the platform itself. You can read how to do this on the following pages:

Pay attention: it could be the case that you still see Referro ads because you meet criteria of a general target audience we point our ads to, but these are not based on retargeting anymore.

Objective 2: to improve our services.

We store personal details for the improvement of our services. For instance clicking behavior on the website to analyse which articles, pages, whitepapers, infographics and case studies are being read the most and open and click rates to see if our newsletters and other emails are relevant.

3. Foundation: Consent

Objective: execution of marketing (email marketing) to reach our business objectives. We do this to inform the right person with the right information at the right time. You can sign up for our newsletters and other emailings. You can do so by filling in an online form, via telephone or orally. Sometimes our messages are personalized, sometimes they are not. If you do not want to receive any of our newsletters or emails anymore, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of an email.

Rights of the involved.

The GDPR provides everbody with particular rights. We do our best to meet these as much as we can. Do you have any tips or remarks? Please, let us know! To use your rights, you can contact us via or +31 13 528 73 07.

  • Right to have insight: Off course we can grand you with insights in the personal details we have from you. We would love to tell you more about how and why we process your details.
  • Right to rectify: Do you think we have wrong details? Let us know, we amend those.
  • Right to be forgotten: You can request us to delete personal details we hold from you. However, it could be the case that we may still need to hold your details for other purposes (administration for example).
  • Right to limited processing: Do you think we process your details unlawfully or erroneously? Then you can limit that processing.
  • Right to resist: You can lodge an objection against processing your personal details. is it about marketing? Then we will end that processing as soon as possible.
  • Data portability: This is a new right that came with the GDPR to pass along your personal details. In case you want to do this, please reach out to us.

Apart from that, you can also:

  • Withdraw your consent: for instance to receive emailings. You can do this by unsubscribing from our emailings. If you want to withdraw other consents, please contact us.
  • File a complaint with the AP (Dutch privacy authority): Do you think that we process in contrary to laws and regulations? We would like to hear that from you so we can provide you with a solution. After May 25th 2018 you have also the right to file a compliant with the AP, but off course we hope that is not necessary.

Third parties.

We use third parties to execute our marketing activities. These are no “third party receivers” but processors. For instance we use an ESP, a cloud solution provider, a VPS provider, a web hosting party and we use Google services. These parties process personal details in accordance with the assignment of Referro B2B Marketing.

Sometimes we are required by law to pass personal details to third parties: like the Tax authorities. Otherwise we will only pass along personal details if you gave your consent.

Storage periods

We use various systems to execute our marketing activities at maximum. Here are the appropriate storage periods:

  • Google Analytics: 26 months after the last activity on our website. Data can be stored outside the EU, but Google meets requirements set by the Privacy Shield.
  • Smartsupp: 14 days after the conversation. Data is stored in Czech Republic (within EU borders).
  • CRM: We store personal details for our marketing. If it turns out that a person has quit their job and no longer has a relevant role within that particular company, this will be adjusted in the system and after one year this data will be fully deleted. After this the data will be available for one month in backups. After that the data will be deleted completely. Data is being stored in The Netherlands (within EU borders).
  • SharpSpring: We store personal details for our marketing. Data in Sharpspring is in synchronization with our CRM system. If it turns out that a person is no longer active in a particular role within an organization, this person is unsubscribed from future communication. This data will be deleted from the system after one year. Sharpspring keeps personal details in backups for seven days. Data can be stored outside the EU, however Sharpspring meets the requirements of the Privacy Shield.
  • LeadInfo: We do not hold personal details for our marketing. LeadInfo relates company details to the IP address that visits our website. The IP address is not being stored and no personal details are gathered.

For more information about the processing of personal details of these systems, we direct you to the privacy statement of that particular organization.

Automated decisions.

There is no automated decision-making with legal consequences.


On websites of Referro B2B Marketing there are a few references to other websites of other organizations. Referro is not responsible for the way these parties process personal details. Therefore you can reach out to that organization and read their privacy statement.

Cookie statement.

We use cookies on the websites of Referro B2B Marketing. We do this to improve our services, to have a fully functioning website, to execute campaigns efficiently and to meet objectives written in our privacy statement.

Cookies are small text files stored on your device by an internet page. The following websites store cookies or similar techniques (hereafter: “cookies”):

  • (first party)
  • (third party)
  • (third party)
  • (third party)
  • (third party)
  • (third party)
  • (third party)

First party cookies are cookies stored on the domain of the visited website. Third party cookies are cookies stored on another domain, but in relation with the visited website. These cookies enable provides of plugins or solutions that are being used on the website to store analytical data or anonymously share information about the visitor.

Here you find a list of cookies that are being placed by the Referro website and the used functionality.

Statistische cookies:

Google Analytics

Cookie Doel Opslagperiode
_gat Wordt gebruikt om de snelheid van het verzoek te meten. Max. 1 minuut
_gid Wordt gebruikt om onderscheid te maken tussen gebruikers. Max. 24 uur
_ga Analytisch cookie die websitebezoek meet en wordt gebruikt om onderscheid te maken tussen gebruikers (anoniem). Max. 2 jaar

Referro B2B Marketing maakt gebruik van Analytics cookies om het gebruik van de website te onderzoeken. Op die wijze wordt een permanente cookie op jouw computer of mobiel apparaat geplaatst. Daardoor verkrijgt Referro B2B Marketing inzicht in de wijze waarop en hoe vaak de website wordt gebruikt en kan aan de hand van die gegevens zo nodig aanpassingen in de website worden doorgevoerd. Zodoende zorgen wij ervoor dat de website optimaal werkt.

Referro B2B Marketing verwerkt anonieme statistieken over bezoeken aan haar website. Dit gebeurt met een webanalyse systeem. Onder meer de volgende gegevens worden via cookies in het webanalyse systeem opgeslagen:

  • het IP-adres;
  • technische kenmerken zoals de browser die je gebruikt (zoals Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer of Firefox) en de resolutie van jouw computerscherm;
  • vanaf welke pagina je op de website bent gekomen;
  • wanneer en hoe lang je de website bezoekt of gebruikt;
  • of je gebruik maakt van functionaliteiten van de website;
  • welke pagina’s je bezoekt op de website.


Cookie Doel Opslagperiode
_li_id Wordt gebruikt om bedrijfsgegevens aan het bezoek te koppelen, gedrag op de website te meten en onderscheid te maken tussen gebruikers. Max. 2 jaar
_li_ses Wordt gebruikt om verschil tussen bezoeksessies aan te duiden. Max. 30 minuten

Om het zakelijk gebruik van onze website te meten, gebruiken wij de dienst Leadinfo. Deze dienst toont ons bedrijfsnamen en -adressen op basis van IP-adressen van onze bezoekers. Het IP-adres wordt hierbij niet opgenomen. De cookies beginnend met “_li_” zijn cookies geplaatst door LeadInfo. Deze cookies worden enkel geplaatst om het bezoek te meten en te analyseren en worden verder geen persoonsgegevens aan gekoppeld.

Youtube & Vimeo

Cookie Doel Opslagperiode
Vimeo (“vuid”) plaatst een cookie om informatie van de video op te slaan en unieke bekijkers te onderscheiden om hier vervolgens statistieken van te kunnen tonen. Max. 2 jaar
_LIVE”, “YSC”, “PREF”) plaatst cookies om instellingen en informatie van de video op te slaan en unieke bekijkers te onderscheiden om hier vervolgens statistieken van te kunnen tonen. Max. 9 maanden

Op de website worden een aantal filmpjes getoond gehost op of Hiervoor worden cookies opgeslagen om het gebruik van deze filmpjes te kunnen analyseren.


Marketing cookies:

Cookie Doel Opslagperiode
Google Adwords Cookie dat inzichtelijk maakt welke door Google Adwords ingezette media effectief is. Op basis hiervan wordt ook met de online mediapartner afgerekend. Max. 1 jaar en 1 maand
Google Doubleclick (DBM) Door deze cookies kunt u op websites die u bezoekt advertenties van de [Bedrijf] te zien krijgen die bij uw voorkeur passen (interest based targeting) Max. 18 maanden
SharpSpring (Cookies beginnend met “_ss” of “koitk”) Cookie dat browserkenmerken, herkomst en bezochte pagina’s koppelt aan een e-mailadres (indien kenbaar gemaakt). Deze cookies worden zowel op als op geplaatst om media stukken (PDFs, afbeeldingen) die op geplaatst worden, te tracken en te koppelen aan het profiel van de bezoeker. LET OP: Dit is een tracking cookie, echter wanneer je je e-mailadres niet kenbaar maakt, zijn deze gegevens anoniem. Max. 25 jaar


Noodzakelijke cookies:

Cookie Doel Opslagperiode
Cookiebot (“CookieConsent”) Slaat de cookiestatus van de gebruiker op voor het huidige domein. Max. 1 jaar
Smartsupp (Cookies beginnend met “ssupp”) De website maakt gebruik van Smartsupp chatsoftware om live chats te faciliteren met bezoekers van de website. Hiervoor worden cookies geplaatst om bezoekers van elkaar te kunnen scheiden en statistieken over het gebruik van de chatsoftware en website te kunnen tonen. Max. 2 jaar
Smartlook (Cookies beginnend met “SL_” en “smartlookCookie”) Smartlook, leverancier van de Smartsupp software, plaatst cookies om het gebruik van de Smartsupp software te kunnen evalueren en deze informatie te kunnen gebruiken in het verbeteren van de software. Max. 24 uur



Cookie Doel Opslagperiode
WPML (“_icl_current
De website wordt meertalig aangeboden door middel van de WordPress plugin WPML. Deze plugin gebruikt één cookie om je voorkeurstaal op te slaan en bij een volgend bezoek eenvoudig de website in de juiste taal te tonen. Max. 24 uur



Je kunt je cookies het gemakkelijkst verwijderen via je browser. Hieronder vind je een lijst met de meest gebruikte browsers en een link naar de manier waarop je in die browser je cookies kunt verwijderen:

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