Digital Accessibility with Referro and Eye-Able®

Did you know that 21% of Dutch people have some sort of disability? This means that a lot of people may struggle with interpreting information on websites or even finding the right information through search engines. This presents an opportunity not only to expand your reach but also to contribute to an inclusive digital world.

We want to be your partner in digital accessibility. We understand how important it is to make your website accessible to everyone. Not just because it’s legally required, but because it offers a better experience for your visitors and grows your customer base.

Why Digital Accessibility?

Starting June 28, 2025, the European Accessibility Act (EAA) will take effect. This means your website must meet strict accessibility standards. Don’t wait until the last minute. By taking action now, you can avoid hefty fines and make an important step toward inclusivity.

Other reasons to take action:

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The EAA Act is coming! What do you need to know?

Did you know that about 21% of the Dutch population has a disability and may struggle with interpreting information on websites? Or that they might not be able to find the right information via search engines? In this blog, we show how to ensure that…

Partnership with Eye-Able®

Referro offers a wide range of services. Together with Eye-Able® we are now able to help you make your website digitally accessible. Our combined expertise ensures that you comply with international accessibility guidelines (WCAG) and make your website user-friendly for everyone. Eye-Able® is a leading company specializing in improving digital accessibility. They provide innovative solutions and services to ensure that websites and digital platforms are accessible to everyone, regardless of their limitations. Focusing on usability and inclusivity, Eye-Able® helps companies comply with international accessibility standards and regulations, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the European Accessibility Act.

What the experts say

Interview: Pioneering Digital Accessibility with Eye-Able®

Oliver Greiner, one of the co-founders, was inspired to start his company by his best friend’s visual impairment. We asked him and Menno Hoekstra, the country manager for the Netherlands, to share their passion and vision with us. In the conversation they share insights regarding…

At Referro, we are committed to delivering the highest quality and providing the best solutions for our clients. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Eye-Able®, a leader in digital accessibility. Have a look in the top right corner, click on the icon and see how Eye-Able®‘s assistant can help website visitors. Here are more reasons for our collaboration:

Expertise and Innovation: Eye-Able® brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation in digital accessibility. Their deep understanding of international accessibility standards like WCAG and EAA allows us to offer our clients the most advanced and effective solutions.
Compliance and Legal Preparation: With the upcoming European Accessibility Act (EAA), it’s crucial for businesses to comply with the law. Eye-Able® helps us prepare our clients for these changes, ensuring they are not only compliant but also leaders in their sector.
Increased Reach and Inclusivity: By partnering with Eye-Able®, we help our clients expand their reach and access a broader audience, including the 25% of the population with a disability. This contributes to a more inclusive digital world and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Improved User Experience: Eye-Able®’s solutions enhance the overall user experience of websites and digital platforms. This results in higher customer satisfaction and better business outcomes for our clients.
Cost Savings and Efficiency: Investing in accessibility upfront with Eye-Able® helps our clients save costs in the long term. Websites that are accessible from the start are more efficient and less expensive than making corrections and adjustments later.

Our Digital Accessibility Services Include:
• Eye-Able® Audit Program: A thorough analysis of your digital platforms to identify areas for improvement. We pinpoint issues and provide targeted advice for optimization.
• Eye-Able® Assist Program: Tools and support to make your website more accessible. From technical adjustments to implementing accessible design principles, we help you every step of the way.
• Translations: Professional translation services to make your content accessible to a broader audience, including adapting texts for people with various disabilities.
• Simpler Language: Modifying complex texts into simpler language to increase readability and accessibility. This ensures your message reaches a wider audience, including those with reading limitations.

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With Referro & Eye-Able®, you’re not just ready for the future; you’re actively contributing to a more inclusive world. Don’t wait any longer, start today!
Together, we’ll ensure your digital platform meets all accessibility standards and provides a better experience for all your visitors.

Take the step towards an inclusive digital future!

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