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A unique collaboration.

We are truely proud of every customer. But this customer does not have to pay for any of our services. It makes us very proud that we are able to do this.

Referro celebrated the 25th birthday. We didn’t want that to go unnoticed by our customers and relations, but we asked ourselves at the same time: ‘do they really care about this?’. That is why we decided to abandon organizing a festive event with our relations. In stead, we make our 25 years of expertise available for free to a charity.

This charity is Stichting Kinderdroomwens (Children’s Dreamwishes Foundation).

Support Stichting Kinderdroomwens

Why this collaboration?

No charity can function without money. Referro will develop and execute a campaign to gather business sponsors to guarantee continuity. We make our experience and expertise and our marketing automation platform available. In our opinion it is a unique collaboration.

Logo Kinderdroomwens

The activities of Stichting Kinderdroomwens.

Family Marathons.

Stichting Kinderdroomwens


Stichting Kinderdroomwens


Stichting Kinderdroomwens


Stichting Kinderdroomwens

Stichting Kinderdroomwens celebrates its 12.5 years of existance and it serves a special purpose. The charity is committed to children with an age ranging from 6 to 18 years who have a large trauma. Think about the loss of a brother, sister, parent or suffering from a disease or past abuse. Furthermore, Stichting Kinderdroomwens actively supports traumatized children with an age of 15 to 25 years who are stuck in society, with education or job, with themselves or who need direction in their life. You can find more information on

We would like to have these traumatized children and youngsters to feel as happy as we do with our 12.5 and 25 years of existance!

Monique Hogenboom –¬†Stichting Kinderdroomwens

Referro has a long tradition in supporting charities, however this form and intensity of collaborating is also new to us.

Gerard van den Bogaart Рowner Referro B2B Marketing

Support Stichting Kinderdroomwens
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