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Website & Content creation

Referro can be your partner in either building or improving your website, or setting up and executing your content strategy including content production. We do this thorough and structured. Preferably, we work with WordPress, but we can also work with other systems. Please realize, you will never be ‘done’ with your website. We work preferably with a thorough basis with a step by step expansion and optimization, to make sure the website keeps contributing in achieving your business goals.

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one.

We are often asked to...

  • Set up buyers personas en buyers journeys;
  • Set up a content plan;
  • Create a functional design for a website;
  • Build a website;
  • Create a web design;
  • Host a website;
  • Do the technical and functional management;
  • Copywrite;
  • Write newsletters, blogs and/or campaign emails;
  • Create infographics and whitepapers;
  • Create brochures and/or flyers;
  • Deploy photography;
  • Produce animations and videos;
  • Create interviews and case studies.

This is how we did it for customers...

A good website cannot do without content.

A good website is a vital part of successful B2B marketing. No discussion on that nowadays. Building a website goes further than solely a good functional design, choice of CMS and an attractive design. A successful B2B website is characterized with the content on it. In our opinion, website and content creation is inseparable.

What is inbound marketing and how does marketing automation fit in?
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