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What we do.

Small or large challenges, national or international, strategic or executive, it’s always about B2B marketing. We are rated on our contribution to realising business goals of our customers. The fact that we do this for over 25 years, proves we are really doing a great job to our customers.

Our services cover almost all marketing competences. Sometimes we are the allround agency for a customer, sometimes we are solely the expert. Try us!

We are able to... Build or refresh your brandPositioning or re-positioningPortray your marketImprove your email marketingSet up a CRM system for youGenerate leadsImprove your online findabilityBuild a new websiteLaunch new products or servicesImplement marketing automation for youProvide you with more leads, more customers, more turnover

Online Marketing

95% of all B2B buying journeys start by typing a searchword in Google. This makes the necessity of a good online strategy obvious. Do you have one? And when are you a 100% sure you have the best? Online marketing is a big area. Development goes fast and it is a major challenge to keep up with all the new possibilities in this field.

Search optimization? More conversion? Online campaigns? Social? Automated content marketing? Websites? Content creation? From scratch or improving your machine? We offer several online services.

Lead generation

B2B lead generation. We have done it for more than 25 years now and we do it smarter every year. Let us be honest, marketing and communication are not exact sciences. Is it a cost within your company? Or is it a source of income? Our modern marketeers are perfectly able to account for our contribution to your company’s profitability.

Lead generation today is totally different than a few years ago. Products are bought, not sold. Push becomes pull. Outbound becomes inbound. However, we believe that B2B lead generation can’t thrive without personal contact. So we have developed a perfect match between direct mail and telemarketing with online inbound lead generation and nurturing supported by CRM and marketing automation. An important KPI is the number of leads generated by the marketing department. This is a bit shortsighted. More strongly, if lead quality and conversion is left out of the equation, it can ruin your limited market.

We can boast long term relationships with our clients. Curious why? We love to share our experiences.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a vital support tool in the process of digital marketing. This is proven by its explosive growth the last few years. Inbound marketing is of key interest to companies. The effectiveness of inbound lead generation programs benefits enormously from the use of marketing automation. Combine this with just in time telemarketing and your machine is complete.

How and when you start using this tool depends on the maturity of your marketing and sales organisation. We offer support from the start of your orientation process, through to the implementation and optimization.

Branding & Campaign creation

How do I present my product or brand to my target groups? How do I position myself against the competition? What reason do I give prospects to choose me? How do I build brand awareness and credibility?

Just a few questions of which the answers are essential. You have to acknowledge the significance of these questions. If you don’t, you run the risk of burning valuable budget unnecessarily. We have the services and experience to safeguard you from this.

Personas & Buyers Journeys

With the description of persona and buyer’s journeys you gain insights on how to maintain a proper interaction with your target group members. You need these insights to make the right decisions on content strategy and channels. The importance of gaining customer knowledge is big enough to call this a competency.

B2B marketing is more and more about the use of clever tools such as marketing automation. However the step towards modern marketing is bigger. It’s all about informing your target group at the right moment, with the right content, through the right medium. Inbound and outbound. So you need to know exactly who your customers are and how they buy. With buyer personas and journeys we provide a critical service for the success of your marketing strategy.

Website & Content creation

No business can do without a good website. No discussion. Building one goes beyond a good functional design, the choice of your content management system and a beautiful design. A successful B2B website is characterised by its content. Site building and content creation is one inseperable whole.

Referro can be your full service webpartner for designing, building and maintaining your website.


CRM is an essential part of B2B. There are so many touchpoints of your brand with your customers and prospects that you need one central point of touchpoint registration. A good CRM tool is the ideal solution. Not only for BI and MI purposes but it also provides the bridge between marketing and sales.

We use an open source CRM solution to support our customers. It is a customer specific tool which we can host for you. For one of our clients we succeeded in increasing their sales conversion with 30% in the first 3 months. You don’t need a new solution, but you do need to improve your present situation. Our services are as pragmatic and effective in both new and existing situations.

Business intelligence icon

Business & Market Intelligence

Data driven marketing can boost your marketing and sales extensively. Digitising customer contact leads to more and more information. You want to be in control of the buyer’s journey.

‘Knowledge is power’. To invest in the gathering, analysis and interpretation of client data is a wise decision to make your digital marketing a success. Referro has an experienced team of specialists to help you with your BI and MI.

Marketing Compliance & Data Security

Not the most favourite subject of creative and result driven marketeers. It can be a nuisance to adhere to the law constantly. Recognisable? Time for a wake up call? The extensive and ever developing rules and regulations, often segment specific, have turned this matter into an important competence.

In B2B marketing you have to deal with more and more rules about personal and private data. How do you prevent data leaks? How do you secure data? What do I have to organise and which workflows do I have to implement? What differences are there between countries? How do I prevent fines? But also, how can I be more succesful? We’re eager to help you.

A global marketing agency that thinks and acts as one.
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