BBN expands: we welcome Nuvola from Poland

With the addition of our new Polish agency, BBN is now represented in 30 countries with 63 offices worldwide. Our proven, bespoke end-to-end methodology delivered by experienced agile teams can only be truly effective for your business because our people are interdependent and genuinely connected. As a result, your marketing gets a creative, data-driven solution that delivers global relevance with local impact.

We are glad to inform you that our family has grown even bigger and introduce a new partner agency in PolandNuvola Cloud Solutions. If you want to know more about our Polish colleagues you can also have a look here. This website is in English.

Nuvola is an innovative agency specializing in comprehensive end-to-end digital marketing services for businesses. The agency is guided by two seasoned managers, each boasting over two decades in the field. Nuvola excels in the areas of digital marketing, AI, CRM and Marketing Automation, providing clients with integrated solutions designed to enhance business efficiency and faster growth. The company not only provides digital marketing services but also specialises in implementing Marketing Automation and CRM, tailoring them to the unique needs of each client. 

Their advanced approach to Marketing Automation stands out for its innovative approach, which not only increases the effectiveness of marketing activities but also significantly accelerates sales processes. Additionally, Nuvola has developed a proprietary product, Data AI Campaign, that revolutionises strategies for increasing sales through modern IT and telecoms tools based on AI. This unique solution enables customers to maximise the potential of their business, increasing competitiveness in the market. All this makes the company not only a service provider but also a strategic partner, ready to meet the most demanding challenges in the field of modern technology and digital transformation.