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Interview: Pioneering Digital Accessibility with Eye-Able®

Oliver Greiner, one of the co-founders, was inspired to start his company by his best friend's visual impairment. We asked him and Menno Hoekstra, the country manager for the Netherlands, to share their passion and vision with us. In the conversation they share insights regarding…

The EAA Act is coming! What do you need to know?

Did you know that about 21% of the Dutch population has a disability and may struggle with interpreting information on websites? Or that they might not be able to find the right information via search engines? In this blog, we show how to ensure that…

21 Tips for successful newsletters and email campaigns 

Email marketing is a fascinating and constantly evolving field. It is a specialization but also very broad. A good email marketer knows that a successful newsletter often results from the collaboration of multiple specialists. From technology, data flow, deliverability to landing pages and relevant data…

BBNmixtape – #36 Navigating Japan: Expert Insights on B2B Success and Digital Trends

Cutting through the clutter of information to bring insights and wisdom for creating lasting impact in B2B marketing.

Dutchism#4: What have I got hanging on my bike now?

This is the translation of the Dutch saying "Wat heb ik nou weer aan mijn fiets hangen?" It is used as an expression of surprise: "What is happening to me now?" or "What issue am I confronted with this time?".

Marketing and privacy: stay up-to-date

Privacy is an increasingly important topic; also in the digital marketing world. With the introduction of stricter legislation, such as the GDPR and DMA in Europe, marketers are forced to find new ways to guarantee user privacy. Despite this, we do want to continue running…