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Referro supports you with expertise, marketing solutions and technology know-how which together help you connect with key business decision makers.

We know how to balance the strengths of traditional marketing approaches with today’s complex digital landscape. By having a deeper understanding of both, we believe we can transform B2B complexity, and build stronger, more memorable connections with your business audience – at both an emotional and rational level. Our goal is to strengthen those connections over time and achieve sustainable growth for our clients. So we measure our success by the results you achieve.

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We embrace specialization and partnerships

The growing importance of specialization in B2B marketing is a necessary response to changes in business, technology, and customer expectations. In our view, providing full-service B2B marketing is no longer feasible without specialized partners. So we think of ourselves as a ‘specialized generalist’, as you can read here. It means we work closely with a select group of strategic partners, each an expert in their own field, as well as with our 29 other BBN agency partners across the globe.

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Referro is a mix of passionate marketing specialists, and we welcome your interaction with our senior management team. They oversee dedicated account teams to match the needs of our clients, providing a one-stop-service with local and global reach.

Talk to one of our senior managers to learn how we can deploy our teams, strategic partners and international colleagues to support your marketing goals.

Carl Derks Marketing Strategist
Gerard van den Bogaart Agency owner
Monique Bijnen Digital strategist
Edwin Wolters Creative mind

We’re part of BBN

Referro is proud to represent BBN in The Netherlands. BBN is the world’s B2B agency with 30 independent, entrepreneurial agencies working as one. It ranked #1 in the ‘Top 10 International B2B Marcomms Agencies and Networks’ in 2022, and is #2 in this year’s ‘B2B Marketing UK Agencies Benchmarking Report’. And our network is constantly expanding.


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A proven methodology

We collaborate with our clients’ teams and strategic partners on a daily basis. To streamline our process across multiple territories we deploy BBN Navigator, a set of world-class, best practice B2B marketing methodologies, processes and tools. BBN Navigator clearly expresses what we do, and how we do it. It allows us to effortlessly guide marketers through the challenges of B2B marketing.

For more on the BBN Navigator approach, contact Carl or click below.

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“Our agile team is dedicated to steering your brand towards growth. We work with, not for, our clients’ teams: sharing strategic and operational expertise which helps you to develop and execute your marketing roadmap and achieve results – locally, globally or both.”

  • Gerard van den Bogaart
  • agency owner