Duas adições portuguesas à BBN

Or, in English, two Portuguese-speaking additions to BBN! We now welcome to our growing network of partners – Sabiá which is based in São Paulo, Brazil; and Ulled which has its headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal and office in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

About Sabia

This is our fifth new agency partner this year; Sabia is a fully remote-working agency based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They build their client’s marketing support from the brand up by means of carefully designed content, creatives and digital solutions. Certified as ‘A Great Place to Work’ since 2017, they are also a proud member of Pledge 1% supporting Brazilian social and cultural initiatives pro-bono.

About Ulled

Founded in 1964, Ulled is a communication consultancy with a well-connected multidisciplinary team located in offices in Lisbon and Barcelona. They have over 50 years of experience managing brand perceptions and are looking to expand their B2B portfolio. They have experience in a wide variety of business sectors and offer communication and public relations strategies to build trust and credibility among different stakeholders.