BBN expands: we welcome Nuvola from Poland

We are glad to inform you that our family has grown even bigger and introduce a new partner agency in PolandNuvola Cloud Solutions. If you want to know more about our Polish colleagues you can also have a look here. This website is in English.

Nuvola is an innovative agency specializing in comprehensive end-to-end digital marketing services for businesses. The agency is guided by two seasoned managers, each boasting over two decades in the field. Nuvola excels in the areas of digital marketing, AI, CRM and Marketing Automation, providing clients with integrated solutions designed to enhance business efficiency and faster growth. The company not only provides digital marketing services but also specialises in implementing Marketing Automation and CRM, tailoring them to the unique needs of each client. 

Their advanced approach to Marketing Automation stands out for its innovative approach, which not only increases the effectiveness of marketing activities but also significantly accelerates sales processes. Additionally, Nuvola has developed a proprietary product, Data AI Campaign, that revolutionises strategies for increasing sales through modern IT and telecoms tools based on AI. This unique solution enables customers to maximise the potential of their business, increasing competitiveness in the market. All this makes the company not only a service provider but also a strategic partner, ready to meet the most demanding challenges in the field of modern technology and digital transformation.

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Background and Development

The collaboration originated from a shared need for support on a client project. “We were looking for a partner who could complement our services,” explains Gerard van den Bogaart. “Comaxx, with its strong background in online marketing and e-commerce, was a logical choice.”

The partnership is grounded in mutual appreciation for each other’s expertise. “Working with Referro enables us to better support our clients in their international growth,” says Sam van der Put. Gerard agrees: “With Referro’s in-depth experience in B2B and high-end retail, and our knowledge of e-commerce and online marketing, we can offer a complete package.”

International Ambitions

A key aspect of the collaboration is international expansion. Together with its parent company Acknowledge, Comaxx already employs more than 350 experts. Sam explains: “Referro is the exclusive Dutch partner of BBN International and gives us access to over 1,300 experts in 66 cities, spread across 33 countries worldwide. This allows us to reach and serve a broader market.”

“This collaboration is not just a strategic move, but also an opportunity to learn from each other and grow together,” notes Gerard van den Bogaart. “We believe that our joint efforts will result in increased value for our clients.”


The directors of both agencies are optimistic about the future. “Referro and Comaxx complement each other perfectly, and together they literally offer a world of possibilities for companies at home and abroad.” This partnership is a step forward in realizing our ambition to play a leading role in both the national and international market,” concludes Sam van der Put. Gerard agrees: “We have been working intensively with BBN agencies on all continents for almost 30 years. With Comaxx, we are now adding a strong partner in the Netherlands.”

Agencies and businesses worldwide trust the tool to generate leads, enhance conversion rates, and maximize returns on marketing investments. Renowned for innovation, open architecture, and exceptional customer support, it is offered at a fraction of the cost compared to its competitors.

Why Choose Constant Contact / SharpSpring? 

As said earlier, one of the major advantages of the software is its affordability. Licenses are three to four times cheaper than those of competitors. It serves as a comprehensive marketing automation tool, allowing you to configure, monitor, and analyze both the marketing and sales processes. Integration is seamless with your website or various platforms, including Facebook, Google Ads, and popular CRMs like SalesForce. Through its own CRM, all incoming leads can be segmented. Additionally, you can connect your email to the software to track communication history with leads. Other features include lead scoring, A/B testing, and direct contact via a chatbot.

Referro: Your Constant Contact Gold Partner

Referro has been a partner of SharpSpring for more than 10 years, and the last 5 years as a Gold Partner. Our trained experts meet all gold level requirements of the certification program. With this certification, Referro is well-equipped to help clients to generate qualified leads, convert more leads into sales, and optimize the ROI of marketing campaigns.

BBN: A Strategic Partner of Constant Contact

BBN International is a strategic partner of Constant Contact since a couple of years, providing added value specialist support. As a strategic partner, BBN contributes specific specialisms and knowledge in B2B marketing, serving as an additional resource for clients and agencies globally.

Park & Battery, named B2B 2023 Agency of the Year by the Association of National Advertisers and B2B Marketing and listed among the Chief Marketer 200, is also ranked among the five fastest-growing agencies by the 2023 B2B Marketing US Agencies Benchmarking Report. 

Park & Battery takes its name from the perspectives their team have gained in companies and agencies “on the streets” of New York and San Francisco, bringing together hustle and innovation to create value for brands and businesses. Headquartered in Oakland, California, they consider themselves a B2B Launch Agency. They specialize in creating brands, campaigns, and experiences that deliver impact, from strategy and messaging to creative/design, content, and media/go-to-market. The agency has expertise in several areas, including Technology, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Freight and Logistics, AI, Automation and IoT, Professional Services, Education, and Media.

BBN will leverage its network of partner agencies and specialist teams across the globe to provide Amogy with a seamless and hassle-free experience as it brings its vision of using ammonia as a clean energy solution to life.

“Our team looks forward to a great working relationship with BBN, all its partner agencies, and our work together to share Amogy’s vision of accelerating the global journey to net zero with our ammonia-to-power solution,” said Red Drummond, Amogy marketing manager. “BBN provides the features and attributes of a global marketing agency, combined with localized regional support as we need it. The ability to work with a diverse Partnership is a great way for us to have one source of contact and management in all areas of our engagement.”

BBN’s approach combined with our partner’s industry expertise, creative ability, and global reach demonstrates our commitment to advancing a sustainable future. Our collective efforts are aimed at encouraging a transition towards a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable planet.

About Sabia

This is our fifth new agency partner this year; Sabia is a fully remote-working agency based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They build their client’s marketing support from the brand up by means of carefully designed content, creatives and digital solutions. Certified as ‘A Great Place to Work’ since 2017, they are also a proud member of Pledge 1% supporting Brazilian social and cultural initiatives pro-bono.

About Ulled

Founded in 1964, Ulled is a communication consultancy with a well-connected multidisciplinary team located in offices in Lisbon and Barcelona. They have over 50 years of experience managing brand perceptions and are looking to expand their B2B portfolio. They have experience in a wide variety of business sectors and offer communication and public relations strategies to build trust and credibility among different stakeholders.

Custom Media is a full-service B2B agency offering marketing solutions that unite data with creativity. The agency believes in humanizing B2B brands through the power of storytelling. This means they are a perfect fit with BBN’s own philosophy! Established in Tokyo in 2007 as a publisher of business magazines, Custom Media swiftly expanded their services to include content marketing, creative and design, digital and social – which has further grown to include strategy, branding, paid media and demand generation, plus ABM.

Custom Media’s 25 full-time staff hail from 12 countries and speak 15 languages (predominately Japanese and English!). They are dedicated to supporting global businesses who want to expand in Japan and Japanese companies who seek to expand internationally. They’re looking forward to connecting and helping grow the success of BBN.

This means DMG is ready to switch to Deployteq to further optimize its marketing activities with Referro’s support. We have been a partner of DMG for many years and have assisted in the implementation of the new platform.
“We are very happy with this collaboration,” says Monique Bijnen, CRM and Retail Specialist at Referro who was closely involved in the implementation. “Deployteq is a powerful platform that will help DMG reach its customers even better and deliver the right message to leads at the right time. We look forward to building even more great campaigns together with DMG’s CRM team.”
“We have been working with Referro for many years and are very satisfied with the quality of their services,” says Erica van Esch, CRM manager at DMG. “We are convinced that with Deployteq and Referro we can achieve even more together.”

A long-term relation

The collaboration between Referro and DMG is more than just an association between two companies. The employees of both organizations work together as colleagues, with Referro providing both in- and out-house support, which will continue in the future.
The addition of Deployteq Certification means that Referro now has experience of a vast range of marketing automation systems including Eloqua, SharpSpring, Portrait, HubSpot and Pardot. We are also SharpSpring and Oracle-certified.
This makes Referro the ideal partner to support you in the short or long term to leverage marketing automation platforms. And of course, we can integrate automation consultancy with data-driven campaign development; development of personas or customer journeys; and/or content strategies.

Founded in 2011 by Etienne Viellard, a former international marketer at Salesforce, Oracle, Hyperion, and Neolane, Eleius is based in Paris and provides comprehensive full-service marketing solutions to growing European companies.

The company’s expertise includes international go-to-market advisory, positioning and messaging, branding, multilingual content creation, and global digital lead generation. With a track record of helping 80+ European companies scale internationally, Eleius excels in launching businesses across Europe and North America.

Current clients of Eleius will now benefit from the collective strength of 1400+ BBN marketing specialists across all continents, ensuring impactful campaigns worldwide. And Referro and other partner agencies will benefit in return by gaining access to new French expertise through a leading full-service B2B agency.

Centric is a digital-first agency with core competency in building websites, intranets, and automation (business process) platforms. They have a staff of around 50, mainly based in Pakistan. Their services include SEO, Content, Direct Outreach, Sales Development, and LinkedIn automation.

50% of Centric’s turnover is in B2B with its top six clients being: the Saudi Tourism Authority (Government of Saudi Arabia); Media Office Abu Dhabi (Government of Abu Dhabi); Aldar Malls (YasMall, World Trade Center, Al Jimi Mall); Al Futtaim Blue Loyalty Program; Basamh Group (Goody of Saudi Arabia); and Friesland Campina (dairy products). Centric is a partner of Adobe (Experience Cloud), PimCore, Microsoft and Google amongst others.