Dutchism#4: What have I got hanging on my bike now?

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This is the translation of the Dutch saying "Wat heb ik nou weer aan mijn fiets hangen?" It is used as an expression of surprise: "What is happening to me now?" or "What issue am I confronted with this time?".

In B2B marketing trends and developments are continuously shifting. This surely is the case when privacy laws are involved. Developers and marketers are facing new challenges with the introduction of Consent Mode V2 and server-side tagging and are wondering what it means to them.

Consent Mode V2 is an advanced framework that helps businesses to accurately manage user consent for data collection and use. It allows users to control which data is processed and stored, providing a higher level of privacy protection. Server-side tagging is another important aspect of modern web development. It moves data processing from the browser to the server, which makes personal data more secure and protects user privacy.

These technologies are central to current discussions about privacy and data protection. They show how quickly the digital world is changing and pose the question: how do we continue to protect our privacy rights in an ever-changing digital environment? In simpler terms, we must always be aware and keep up to date with new developments that could impact our online privacy. And as the Dutch saying implies, there is always something new dangling from your bike in the digital world to keep you occupied. At Referro we strive to remain up to date as much as we can. With all our knowledge and that of the many experts surrounding us, we keep you informed.

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#Note. What is a Dutchism?

The Dutch are known for their ability to master foreign languages. This is not surprising considering the size of the country and its entrepreneurial nature. Despite their ability to speak foreign languages, sometimes things get lost in translation. Especially in literal translations from Dutch to English, sometimes strange, funny, or even offending mistakes are made. These unintended ‘mistakes’ are called Dutchisms. In the next few months, we will regularly give you an example and attach an interesting view on sales and marketing to it.