Referro and Comaxx – Expanding horizons together

Waalre/Eindhoven, The Netherlands – In a recent interview, Gerard van den Bogaart, director of marketing agency Referro | BBN The Netherlands, and Sam van der Put, director of online marketing agency Comaxx, announced a new strategic collaboration. This partnership promises to strengthen the service to their clients, both nationally and internationally, by combining the expertise of both agencies.

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Background and Development

The collaboration originated from a shared need for support on a client project. “We were looking for a partner who could complement our services,” explains Gerard van den Bogaart. “Comaxx, with its strong background in online marketing and e-commerce, was a logical choice.”

The partnership is grounded in mutual appreciation for each other’s expertise. “Working with Referro enables us to better support our clients in their international growth,” says Sam van der Put. Gerard agrees: “With Referro’s in-depth experience in B2B and high-end retail, and our knowledge of e-commerce and online marketing, we can offer a complete package.”

International Ambitions

A key aspect of the collaboration is international expansion. Together with its parent company Acknowledge, Comaxx already employs more than 350 experts. Sam explains: “Referro is the exclusive Dutch partner of BBN International and gives us access to over 1,300 experts in 66 cities, spread across 33 countries worldwide. This allows us to reach and serve a broader market.”

“This collaboration is not just a strategic move, but also an opportunity to learn from each other and grow together,” notes Gerard van den Bogaart. “We believe that our joint efforts will result in increased value for our clients.”


The directors of both agencies are optimistic about the future. “Referro and Comaxx complement each other perfectly, and together they literally offer a world of possibilities for companies at home and abroad.” This partnership is a step forward in realizing our ambition to play a leading role in both the national and international market,” concludes Sam van der Put. Gerard agrees: “We have been working intensively with BBN agencies on all continents for almost 30 years. With Comaxx, we are now adding a strong partner in the Netherlands.”