How B2B marketing can run like an engine

We’ve been thinking that B2B marketing can be seen a lot like an engine – one that’s designed to sell your products or services. It’s an engine with lots of interconnecting and moving parts at play; and they all have to be present and correctly aligned if the engine is even going to start.

Just like an engine, your marketing must also be correctly fueled and firing on all cylinders to help your organization move forwards. And once the engine is running, you need to maintain its momentum – with more fuel and ongoing maintenance – in order to reach your business goals.

Here’s the challenge: the B2B machine is becoming more and more complex, so it’s harder to keep it running smoothly to deliver what your customers want. Gartner tells us that 77% of B2B buyers say their latest purchase was ‘very complex or difficult’ – not a result you want to see when you’re trying to run an efficient marketing machine.

Reducing the friction

Dealing with evolving marketing technology has always been a specialty of Referro. Our goal is to reduce complexity in your marketing machine.

Sophisticated marketing techniques like delivering personalized, omnichannel and end-to-end buyer experiences are complex to design and integrate, but they help to make the buyer’s interaction with your brand simpler. That integration requires skilled personnel across a number of different domains: be it strategic, social, media, technical, creative or production. That’s why we believe in acting as a generalist B2B agency with a whole range of specialist services that we can bring together for our clients. We explore the difference between being a generalist versus a specialist for B2B businesses in another blog here.

In building a marketing machine, you don’t want to create something way too powerful, and therefore expensive, for your business. Nor do you want to find that you have a whole pile of important parts leftover that really should have been integrated. As marketing technologists, we can help you in the process of developing the right, balanced solution. This may involve shifting from a multi-channel marketing strategy to an omnichannel one – without breaking the bank – to fully integrate digital advertising, search, email, website, content, social media and telesales, to use just some examples of key B2B channels. If this creates the ‘engine’, then data is the essential fuel that’s required to drive personalization and better customer experiences: without that quality data, you will never use technological advances such as machine learning to its full advantage.

Whatever condition your marketing engine is in currently – being built, starting slowing, or gaining momentum, we’re the kind of agency that prides itself on maximizing its operation by selecting the right marketing components and putting them together in the most effective way. And we’re more than happy to get our hands dirty in the process.


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