Are you curious about who visits your website?

We’ve got a smart solution for you. Start by recognizing all your website visitors. Who are they, what’s their background and which pages do they visit? That’s where Leadinfo comes in. Leadinfo gives insights in relevant company information of your visitors in realtime.

Discover our partner Leadinfo

Leadinfo recognizes people that visit your website, by linking the IP address to a uniquely composed database with their lead generation software. And yes, it’s all GDPR-proof. All the generated information is shown in one clear dashboard.

Some of the information that is collected:

• Company name
• Industry
• Number of employees
• County
• Country
• Insights in financial situation
• LinkedIn contacts
• Generated lead score
• Page visits are recorded
• Source

Get a year’s subscription at Leadinfo via Referro, and you’ll receive one month for free. Apply here.

Why we choose for a partnership with Leadinfo

It is ideal to be able to immediately view all the information of your website visitors, to be able to label and keep an eye on these visitors. This is how you optimize your sales process. By seeing which page has been visited by a company, you immediately have a topic to discuss when you contact the prospect. We saw a lot of added value in this for our customers, but we also use it in our own lead generation process. That is why we want to put Leadinfo in the spotlight. No matter how big or small you are, Leadinfo is an indispensable tool for every company.

Of course, Leadinfo does not stand alone. Link the data with your CRM, optimize your Google Ads campaigns, and feed your retargeting campaigns in LinkedIn with Leadinfo data. Or how about automated follow-up? Start a campaign to follow up on your leads via email or LinkedIn. You can manually select leads from the Leadinfo inbox, import them via CSV or even automate them. And the data you collect is forever yours.

The benefits of Leadinfo

• GDPR-compliant
• Easy implementation
• More than 60 integrations
• Gain insight into your B2B website traffic
• A clear dashboard with active and historical visitors
• Optimize your lead qualification and marketing channels
• Add smart Lead Gen forms to your website

Want to get started quickly with Leadinfo?

Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Request a trial version. You can try Leadinfo for free for 14 days.
  2. If necessary, we will help you install Leadinfo via a tracking code on your website.
  3. Open your dashboard and you will see how Leadinfo’s algorithms are working for you.

Would you like to try Leadinfo first? Get started right away and request a free trial. Do you want to purchase this software? Then you get a month’s subscription free via Referro only, when you sign an annual contract. Any questions? Contact Gerard. Use our contact form, call +31 (0)85 07 06 936 or send an e-mail to