New client partnership: Amogy

We are excited to announce that BBN has partnered with Amogy, a leading company in the clean energy industry. As part of the partnership, Amogy will collaborate with BBN to support a comprehensive and global marketing program.

BBN will leverage its network of partner agencies and specialist teams across the globe to provide Amogy with a seamless and hassle-free experience as it brings its vision of using ammonia as a clean energy solution to life.

“Our team looks forward to a great working relationship with BBN, all its partner agencies, and our work together to share Amogy’s vision of accelerating the global journey to net zero with our ammonia-to-power solution,” said Red Drummond, Amogy marketing manager. “BBN provides the features and attributes of a global marketing agency, combined with localized regional support as we need it. The ability to work with a diverse Partnership is a great way for us to have one source of contact and management in all areas of our engagement.”

BBN’s approach combined with our partner’s industry expertise, creative ability, and global reach demonstrates our commitment to advancing a sustainable future. Our collective efforts are aimed at encouraging a transition towards a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable planet.