Selling in a niche market: Marketing is not for us!

When we talk to companies operating in niche markets, we often get this specific remark. Especially from sales managers within those companies: "We are fishing in such a small pond; doing marketing is of no use to us. We know exactly where our prospects are." In my opinion, marketing does have a crucial role in targeting a niche market. So it might be useful to read this article.

What is a niche market?

A niche market is a specific segment that companies focus on, offering products or services that cater to unique needs within a particular target group or industry. Unlike markets that offer products and services that could be of interest to any company, a niche market specializes in a particular area. Examples of such markets could be software for marine development, nutritional supplements for the poultry industry, or specific materials for the construction sector. These markets and the competition within them are usually smaller, but they offer opportunities to distinguish oneself.

To succeed in a niche market, one needs to have a good understanding of the needs of the target group, innovative solutions, and strong positioning compared to competitors. Companies that focus on niche markets can ultimately benefit from higher margins, long-term customer relationships, and reduced competition, provided they serve the market effectively with valuable solutions. Marketing efforts can certainly be beneficial in this regard.

Useful tips

To successfully approach a niche market, there are a few things you should consider. Here are seven tips that can help you reach your niche target group. These tips may sound familiar to you if you have immersed yourself in the basics of Account-Based Marketing.


Marketing businesses in a niche market is complex. To be successful, everyone must be on the same page. If we manage to get marketing and sales departments to work the market together, we will be way ahead of the competition. The marketing department will probably receive feedback from the sales department that the use of marketing does contribute to the business case. Also, or even especially, in a niche market. I feel like a fish in water when it comes to complex challenges like this, and I hope my tips have given you something to think about. Do not forget; that the tastier the bait, the faster they’ll bite.

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