BBN accueillons : Eleius from France

We are delighted to introduce a new partner agency in France: Eleius, a leading B2B agency in France’s booming tech industry.

Founded in 2011 by Etienne Viellard, a former international marketer at Salesforce, Oracle, Hyperion, and Neolane, Eleius is based in Paris and provides comprehensive full-service marketing solutions to growing European companies.

The company’s expertise includes international go-to-market advisory, positioning and messaging, branding, multilingual content creation, and global digital lead generation. With a track record of helping 80+ European companies scale internationally, Eleius excels in launching businesses across Europe and North America.

Current clients of Eleius will now benefit from the collective strength of 1400+ BBN marketing specialists across all continents, ensuring impactful campaigns worldwide. And Referro and other partner agencies will benefit in return by gaining access to new French expertise through a leading full-service B2B agency.