CPM Europe is a leading supplier of industrial equipment, with a history dating back to 1883. They are internationally known as specialists in flaking, pelleting and grinding, and their equipment – which is used in various industries worldwide – is renowned for its reliability.

Creating twice the impact for a new pelleting technology


CPM developed a patented new technology – Twin Track – and came to Referro to launch it. This innovative new die and roller design can be used to reduce energy and maintenance costs or increase pellet output. The technology can be delivered in new pellet machines; but the larger target audience was the retrofit market, since pellet mill operators in the biomass/wood industry are always focused on improving plant productivity. Our brief was to create interest in the new technology, and communicate a complex story on retrofitting and different benefits of cost and/or productivity to our audience.

Productvideo CPM TwinTrack



Pellet mills can be likened to giant washing machines: they spin to force biomass through the holes of a die to create pellets. We used the idea of that revolution to shape our creating thinking: explaining that with Twin Track you could revolutionize your pellet mill from inside. This also helped to communicate that Twin Track could be retrofitted to existing machines, without replacing them.

We began a teaser campaign using the famous twin track flames from ‘Back to the future’ – launching a webinar event to customers. CPM’s campaign concept was then developed around the theme ‘The revolution inside’. The core concept has been developed across a campaign website, online banners, a 3D promo/product video, brochures and exhibition material, together with an international PR campaign. The result is a fully coordinated and successful international product launch that has creative stand-out.

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