CPM is a US-based manufacturer of industrial equipment, including pellet mills. These pellet mills must run reliably to ensure plant productivity, so fast access to parts and maintenance is crucial. CPM has recently developed a more comprehensive customer care portal called For the majority of customers, this portal represents a first opportunity to interact online with CPM to buy parts, schedule maintenance, get support, etc.

Putting a new spin on customer service


We needed to communicate to CPM customers that there was a whole new way to interact with CPM online. Previously, for example, CPM customers has relied on paper-based parts manuals and telephone or email to order parts, which could be a slow process. Referro were tasked with creating a campaign that could be used globally, with regional differences (since some EU countries operated a distributor model), to start telling the story of Our goal was to obtain new sign-ups to based on a clear timeline and budget. Together with our BBN partner in the USA, Tricom, we went to work.

Introduction video myCPM


We started with the discovery phase: conducting multiple interviews with CPM personnel and customers. Based on these insights, our creative teams in The Netherlands and USA worked together to create the campaign concept: ‘A new spin on customer care’. This had its roots in the spinning of a pellet machine, and creative solutions included vibrant online iconography to highlight key features of the portal. A webpage, banners and assets including videos, a white paper, info sheet, and sales presentations have been created.

LIGNA, a major German trade show, saw the launch of, supported by emails to our target audience and an international PR campaign. We also activated several social media platforms for the launch.

Result gained a lot of attention at LIGNA, and we created a lot of traction to the website which resulted in the first sign-ups. The PR campaign was also very successful with specific industry news platforms. Referro are now working on the follow-up to the launch campaign, which will directly target CPM customers around the world.

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