Ubbink is a global organization that has specialized in energy efficient technology for buildings for many decades. Where outside and inside come together, Ubbink makes the connection. The company’s innovative products for ventilation and building ensure energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe homes that meet the highest quality requirements.

An internal branding campaign


The role of construction professionals is crucial. They are the designers of our changing world. Without them, there will be no change. Whether you are an installer, consultant or construction contractor, all eyes are on installation and construction professionals to realize sustainable homes. Together we will have to increase the efficiency of the entire construction chain. This encourages Ubbink to keep up with technology and to respond to changing regulations, driven by developments such as energy efficiency measures. A different way of communicating with the target group is requested and that is how Ubbink came to us.


We first introduced the staff of Ubbink itself and then the construction world to the slogan “Build smart” and what the renewed Ubbink stands for. The campaign was launched with a large-scale internal introduction in several countries at the same time. Subsequently, the external introduction of Ubbink 2.0 was started in the various countries. With a cool corporate video, posters, narrow-casting, email campaigns, presentations, brochures, a new website and catalogues, the outside world became part of our important message.

Corporate video Ubbink

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