DeltaQuad are a leader in VTOL UAV (Vertical Take-Off and Landing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology. These long range UAVs, which are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, are used for mapping, inspection and surveillance. The company was one of the first to combine vertical take-off and landing with long range airplane capabilities. Today, DeltaQuad focuses on combining technologies from the market and using them as building blocks for innovation.

DeltaQuad EVO: A new standard is rising


We were tasked to launch DeltaQuad EVO, a unique modular concept which transforms how payloads can be configured in a UAV. The EVO platform uses today’s best available technology, and can also integrate future technology advancements and market requirements, to remain innovative.

We needed to create a buzz around the launch and demonstrate that DeltaQuad EVO is a radically different aircraft design that provides operators with numerous, previously unseen benefits. The launch of DeltaQuad EVO was an important step in the growth plans for DeltaQuad BV.


Our first task was to introduce EVO through a teaser video. This brought drama and a first glimpse of the EVO concept to our target audience, headlined ‘A new standard is rising’. This was combined with a strong and targeted PR campaign plus EVO demonstrations to interested organizations. Currently, Referro are working on the next marketing steps for EVO in collaboration with DeltaQuad.

Watch the introduction of the DeltaQuad EVO

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